Are you searching for clarity & connection?

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Costa Rica

Do you feel like something is missing in your life?

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey to the picturesque landscapes of Costa Rica, where we will dive deep into gaining clarity, forging meaningful connections, and to take bold action in our lives.

Are you longing for more fulfillment, connection, and clarity?

Now, picture this: lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls offering moments of serenity, and breathtaking mountain views stretching as far as the eye can see, this will serve as the backdrop for an experience that promises to nourish your soul and set you on a path of empowerment.

During our retreat, we will be focusing on two vital pillars: clarity and connection. Together, we will dive into the depths of our inner selves, unveiling our true passions, dreams, and desires. Through guided workshops, introspective exercises, and profound conversations, we will unlock the clarity we seek, helping us shed the weight of uncertainty and indecision.

But that’s not all—we will also create an environment of camaraderie, support, and sisterhood. By surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals, we will build a network of unwavering support, igniting a fire within us that propels us to new heights.

This retreat is about forming genuine connections with fellow inspiring women, sharing stories, and amplifying each other's voices.

Less woo-woo and more woo-hoo!

Can you imagine...

All of this is 100% possible for you

Whats Included

What makes this retreat special is the work we will do in advance of the event. We will meet several times before the retreat so everyone can meet one another and we can start the work before you even arrive. This way when you get here you will feel like you already know each other and you will have given us enough information to hand craft a strategy for you so you can walk away with a clear path and a roadmap on how to get exactly where you want to be.










Setting Intentions & Action



What's Not Included


"Getting what you want is easy, knowing what you want is the hard part"

If you would like to spend a few days at the beach we can happily arrange that for you for the end of your trip. The airport is right in the middle of the beach and the lake so it’s an easy trip to arrange for you. Just let us know when you book and we will handle everything for you, from the hotel to the boat charters, we can take care of everything for you.  

Activities Available

Meet Your Host


CEO & Founder of Heartcast Media & One Love, Pura Vida

4 years ago I closed a business I ran for 19 years because I was truly unhappy. I was pouring from an empty cup and nobody noticed, not even me until it was almost too late. I devalued myself constantly and I was deteriorating, it wasn’t sustainable.

I’ve spent the last four years creating a business that allows me to live in Costa Rica and turn my retirement plan into a right now plan. I have proven to myself that I can do hard things and I want to share that empowerment with you.

I love this picture because when I took it I was staying at the house that I now call home. I imagined what it would be like if this was my home and then I made it happen. I made the decision that I want to spend the rest of my life looking at beautiful things when I had to leave everything I had built behind in the pandemic. I decided I will work as hard as it takes but that I want to spend my life looking at beautiful things, and here I am in Costa Rica waking up to this view everyday.

Single Occupancy

One Person Per Space
$ 3100
Per Person
  • 2 Group Sessions Before the Retreat
  • 1 Coaching Session Before the Retreat
  • Transportation, Lodging, & Activities
  • All On Site Meals Included
  • 1 Follow up Coaching Session

Double Occupancy

Two People Per House
$ 2600
Per Person
  • 2 Group Sessions Before the Retreat
  • 1 Coaching Session Before the Retreat
  • Transportation, Lodging, & Activities
  • All On Site Meals Included
  • 1 Follow up Coaching Session

About The Grounds


What makes this retreat truly special is the location. We will host you in one of our many beautiful homes inside Vistas Del Lago for a one of a kind experience. We have 3, 2 and 1 bedroom accommodations to fit every group and need. If you want to come with a group of friends we have a perfect house for you. We can pair you with people or you can have your own space. We have something for everyone.

Let's Talk About Lake Arenal

“Lake Arenal sits at the base of the Arenal Volcano in the northern highlands of Costa Rica. It is the country’s largest landlocked body of water, with a surface that covers nearly 33 square miles (85 square km) and a depth that reaches some 200 feet (60m).

In 1979, Lake Arenal was enlarged to three times its original size with the construction of a hydroelectric dam. The towns of Arenal and Tondadora, which were originally sited on the spot where the lake now rests, were relocated to the northeastern side of the lake. Nowadays, Lake Arenal’s dam is hugely important to the country, as it produces nearly 12% of Costa Rica’s electric energy.”


What the internet won't tell you

The lake is pure magic. It has healing vibes and stories to tell. I spent the first year here living at the beach and while it’s beautiful and fun, it’s nothing compared to the absolute beauty that is Lake Arenal and the regions surrounding it. Lush rolling green hills, more nature than you can even process, stunning mountains, and more flora and fauna than you have ever seen in the US. It’s what I always pictured living life in Costa Rica would be. The beach is great but this is where I want to spend my time. This is why the trip is centered around all of the eco-diversity in this particular region. I will do my best to teach you as much as I can while you are here and not from my perspective but from actual locals who grew up here and have fought to protect it. I have partnered with my friend Veronica, who runs the hotel, on this trip. We will only work with local vendors and make sure that everything we do with you has a positive impact on the community I live in. 

Fun fact, there are people who live in the area who believe there is an alien portal at the bottom of the lake, which also has yet to be found. I may or may not be one of those people, the jury is still out. 

So, bring your best alien-ready outfit because with any luck we will all get beamed up, together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

All food & drinks on the schedule will be covered in your ticket, not including alcohol. However, food and drinks are not included in the offsite activities and restaurants. 

We have 3, 2 and 1 bedroom houses on the property so we can accommodate you in any combination. Whether you want to stay alone, be paired with others or bring some friends, we got you! Each house is unique with its own special qualities and amenities, there isn’t a bad house in the roster. 

We wil have a fleet of golf carts to move you around the property if you aren’t up for walking. 

Yes and any other of the planned activities during the trip. The only time you will need a car is if you decide to do something outside of our offerings. 

If you would like to the last day we can arrange a trip with the top fishing company in Guanacaste, Anzuelo Dorado. The cost for this is not included and transportation will be extra because the beach is 3 hours from the hotel. 

I will not sell more than 12 tickets to this retreat to keep it intimate and safe for everyone involved. 

March is historically absolutely freaking beautiful on the Lake so you should expect sunny ass days, super blue skies and a strong ass sun. Don’t forget, we are very close to the equator and that sun is no joke. The temps will range from 68-76 and that’s probably too generous. 

In the mornings and evenings, you will be stoked to have a light hoodie. I live in shorts and long sleeve shirts. It can get hot in the day so tanks, tshirts, shorts, etc. Bring a bathing suit or anything you might need based on activities; hiking boots, flipflops, sneakers, etc. Don’t assume you will be able to pick things up here, it’s very rural. Most of Costa Rica is. You can def get flipflops in all the stores but that’s about it. Come prepared. 

We will have BBQs, a massive spread on the boat, and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Costa Rica is known for its cuisine and it’s known for its fresh food and abundance of it. Expect to eat very clean and to enjoy every meal.

Liberia is the airport you want to select, San Jose is 4 hours away and that’s without landslides, rain or construction which are all highly possible. Liberia is 1.5 hours from the hotel and Lake Arenal, super close in Costa Rica time. 

Our goal with this retreat is that you leave feeling empowered, fulfilled, and excited about your future. We hope that you make friends that will last a lifetime on this trip. Its a safe and fun space for women to connect and create a beautiful life for ourselves. 

As much as I want to say yes, this event wouldn’t be ideal on this trip because its all about you and your goals, without any distractions or responsibilities. 

We will not cover your flight costs to Liberia but we will pick you up with a cold beverage and a smile. 

There are beaches as close as 2 hours away so if you would like to organize a day at the beach we can do that as well for you, transportation not included. 

The full days and listed activites are completely covered in the cost of the trip. We know that not everyone wants to do the extra tours and trips so in order to keep the price low we are including the big activities and all of the local ones are extra. But don’t worry, we have the hook up on all of the local activities so it wont be anything like resort prices. 

You always want to pack light but keep in mind that you won’t be able to hit a mall or a store for something you forget. We don’t even have malls here, it’s awesome. My recommendation is this: Water shoes (amazon), sunscreen (it’s more expensive than cocaine here), bathing suits, good shoes, light raincoat. If you are really picky about your sheets, bring them. I know it sounds crazy but the sheets in CR are pretty bad, sorry guys. But seriously. If you take your sheet game seriously, packem. They are all king-size beds. Personally, I always roll with my satin pillowcases and my own sheets because I am a snob when it comes to bedding, 100%.

Absolutely not. Do you. We are all doing our best and this trip should be your own brand of healing and connection so do what you want, I can help you book some other stuff and enjoy the view. Our goal is to get you where you want to be and to feel supported doing it, not to force you to do things you don’t want to do. 

Hosted by One Love, Pura Vida

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